Take old world charm, and embroidery techniques inspired by the opulent mogul era. Now mark that with a contemporary accent.


Here at Aditi Parashar, we are all about the coming together of two worlds, old with new, and east with west.


Established in 1991. We have been loyally dedicated, to bringing our patrons the most pure artisanal fabrics. From pure silk, to tender georgette, from wispy crepe, to decadent velvet, these are some of the greatest treasures the orient has to offer.


Our Two Worlds


Old with New- Haute-Couture


Glimpse into our prominent signature designs with heavy hand embroidered work.  Our range of the iconic saree varies from Evening to cocktail to bridal.  The same styles are silhouetted in salwar suits, lehngas, evening lehngas, and gowns for women.


Take a slice out of one of our customised three-piece suits for gentleman. From continental formal, to bandh galas, and new age sherwanis, we take traditional wear into the intermix for men.



  East and West- Pret


Flirt with our insta-styles as a flavour of the month. With our daily, ready to wear designs, the words easy, breezy and tease-y come into play. With our contemporary light sarees, salwar suits, and “pseudo” ethnic kurtis, dresses, rompers and jumpsuits, make your inspirations your daily practice.


Bite into our cotton ‘candy’ like kurtas, offered in all men’s silhouettes, including the inextinguishable bandh gala, or the ever unapologetic kurta pyjama.



We are happy to combine our philosophy with your personal apostrophe. Thanks to our in-house production, we have a passion for customization, and invite you to be our only muse.


About the Designer

Our main design damsel, Aditi Parashar, has been creating art in India’s fashion capitol, New Delhi, for over 20 years. Known for her detailing and use of indulgent fabric, Her designs are coveted by glamorous dames through out the lands. Having worked with International fashion houses, she knows just how to enchant the glitterati and royalty alike, who trot from all corners of the globe. (Asia, The Middle East, Europe and North America)

With a passion for individuality, an open mind and an easy go- with- the- flow energy that is reflected in the fluidity of her designs, Aditi draws inspirations from celebrating differences. 

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